Youtube video ideas that will blow up your channel | Quarantine edition

We are all stuck at home right now. At this time we got lots of free time and you are probably thinking about putting it into good use.It’s a great time to start a YouTube channel and you probably know that with new YouTube algorithm you need to upload consistently (I personally recommend uploading twice a week minimum).

I prepared a list of ideas for people who are starting a YouTube channel or have already started but looking for ideas that will blow up or even go viral. remember it’s your hard work in the first place and that’s why I suggest you making as many videos as you can, but choosing the right topics that engages people is a smart thing so take a look at this list and change the game today!

30 YouTube videos ideas:

1.What to do when you are bored at home

2.Trying out everything in my closet

3.GRWM in quarantine

4.A day in my life (quarantine edition)

5.Plan with me

6.I tried …’s workout challenge

7.Making a song from scratch in 24 hours

8.How to make basic outfit ideas look cute

9.What’s on my phone

10.I let my friend vlog for a day and this is what happened

11.What I eat in a day (quarantine edition)

12.How to start a YouTube channel in 2020

13.Room tour

14.Cook/bake with me

15.Aesthetic morning routine

16.Skincare routine in quarantine

17.24 hours in my…

18.Draw my life

19.Favorite healthy breakfasts

20.Activities to do in quarantine

21.Extreme closet clean out

22.Online shopping with me

23.Organize with me

24.How I edit/film my YouTube videos

25.Photoshoot challenge at home

26.How I edit my instagram photos

27.Bingy Netflix shows to watch

28.Vegan fast-food taste test

29.Making ugly clothes look cute challenge

30.Quarantine favorites

I wish this post is useful for all of you content creators! let me know if you tried any of these and send me the link,I’d love to watch!

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