My Reading List 2019

Have you been reading lately? what type of books do you usually fall for? do you take pretty books off shelves in bookstores and can’t resist the urge of shopping? do you consider it a great investment and insist on buying a few books every now and then even though you know you won’t or can’t get the time to read? [Breath] You are another human being just like me then… 

You just need a plan and a reading list! figure out which time of the day you feel like reading books. early morning? before bed? random break times? write it down and ease on planning. 3 hours (of quality reading) a week is better than 30 hours of scrolling Instagram while the book is open. Read some reviews, check Goodreads and make your own reading have books recommended by friends? amazing, add them too! start with your favorite book.It could be a fresh book or the one you didn’t get any of it the last time you read. make reading a habit and you will become addicted…and knowledge is power.right?

books and coffee reading goals

My 2019 Reading List:

  • You are a badass – Jen Sincero
  • Fully functioning human (almost) – Melanie Murphy
  • Go set a watchman – Harper Lee
  • The little book of Hygge – Meik Wiking
  • 5-second rule – Mel Robbins
  • Mrs. Dalloway – Virginia Woolf
  • Game of Thrones – George R.R. Martin
  • Get your sh*t together – Sarah Knight
  • Finish What You Start – Peter Hollins
  • Pulp – Charles Bukowski
  • 1984 – George Orwell
  • Almost Adulting – Arden Rose
  • Everything everything – Nicola Yoon

I don’t want to make it complicated this year, It’s not a competition but that would be great if I manage to read all these books this year, even better if I add more books as long as I go through this list.

So I’ll keep this list updated through the year!



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