Where to eat delicious Labenese food? | A guide to Labenese restaurants in Tehran

lebanese restaurant in tehran

It was a lazy morning…didn’t really feel like moving away from my fluffy blanket…

My friend Peggie called and asked if I wanna hang out and shoot some photos.I deeply wanted to deny and stay home all day long but couldn’t resist the urge of having a good cup of coffee and a nice talk with her.
She borrowed her dad’s car and we had a vehicle to wander around the city!
we decided to discover new neighborhoods on the west side of Tehran, started with one of the shopping centers that we have never been to before,we have had passed by it but never stopped to see what’s really going on there:

Platin Center

As we were walking by the boutiques we felt hungry and tried to find a place to sit and eat something, there were a few restaurants next to each other but none could win my heart like this one!

It was a Lebanese restaurant named “Yasmina

Unique architecture and decorations took me away from where I was,I wasn’t at the heart of Tehran anymore.

lebanese restaurant in tehran


Cozy,Warm and inviting…

It was so cozy and the staff were so nice! Loved the diversity of options on the menu. you could find anything from Za’tar Pizza to Falafel.The portions were petite and I was so happy with that! I rather try different small portions than choking myself on a huge one.

The price range was reasonable in comparison to the quality and service. everything was so delicious and I am super happy to end up there that evening and try their amazing food!

lebanese restaurant in tehran

If you are visiting Tehran and looking for good Lebanese/Arabic Food “Yasmina” restaurant is definitely on my top 10 list.


I’m leaving their information here so you can check it out yourself

P.S: they have two branches in both west and north of Tehran, check their instagram to find out more


Instagram handle:@restaurantyasmina

Shahrak-e-Gharb Branch (GOOGLE MAP)

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