How to make Hummus at home | easy 3-Minute recipe

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite Mediterranean recipes that I make at least once a week! it’s vegan, easy and so delicious! if you haven’t tried making Hummus at home yet I think it’s time to do so. you can serve hummus as appetizer or as dip for your favorite crunchy snack (tortillas, pita, cucumber sticks, pretzels etc.)

here is the recipe…



  • grab a food processor, start adding ingredients,start with chickpeas
  • add olive oil and mix
  • add Tahini and mix again,make sure you got a flawless paste,
  • now add garlic,salt and pepper
  • mix again,serve it in a bowl and use paprika as garnish (you can add some olive oil on top to make it look good!)
  • Voila! it’s ready to be served!


  • Make sure your chickpeas are drained
  • if your paste is thick you can add some water
  • if you are serving it as a dip you can serve cucumber,broccoli,
  • I highly recommend using extra virgin oil but the choice is yours
  • you can either use a food processor or high-powered blender
  • some people add cumin to the recipe but it depends on your personal preference
  • Fresh chickpeas or canned? I prefer canned because it’s easy and the taste difference is so tiny that to me it doesn’t worth all that effort to prepare them at home.

Watch the video to learn how make Hummus at home!

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