70 blog post ideas for Life style bloggers + Free printable checklist

There are tons and tons of subjects that you might love to write about but when it comes to writing blog posts you run out of ideas! this blog post contains a little bit of inspiration and motivation for you as a beginner or pro blogger. after reading this you might come up with your own new ideas or just use my list which is my pleasure 🙂

1. A review of the last movie you watched

2. How you stay positive when things aren’t going your way

3. The day in the life as a blogger

4. Favorite places in your city

5. Review a book

6. A list of your favorite blog props

7. Your Top 10 Favorite Movies And Why

8. Share a tutorial with us on something you learned to do

9. How to make money with Print-On-Demand services

10. Share your favorite YouTube channels with us

11. Things You Do To Stay Organised

12. Tips for getting traffic to your blog/website

13. A list of your favorite blogs you love to read

14. An easy seasonal DIY (do-it-yourself) project or craft

15. Share your productivity tips

16. Photography setup and tutorials

17. Traits you had to develop to become a blogger

18. Birthday gift guides

19. A tutorial on how you create your Pinterest images

20. favorite drinks (non-alcoholic)+ recipe

21. Where do you prefer to write your blog content?

22. What your morning routine looks like as a blogger

23. 7 Things to see and do in… (your city)

24. 10 films based on books

25. How to make a mood board?

26. Dos and don’t of online learning

27. Monthly playlist

28. Monthly reading list

29. Journaling tips

30. Clothing Haul

31. Tell Us About Where You Live

32. Create something free to give away to your readers, like printable worksheets

33. product review

34. photo tour of your hometown

35. Share your favorite apps

36. Share some of your favorite blog posts from fellow bloggers

37. Different mason jar salad combinations

38. What to do when you are bored?

39. How to start a blog

40. Tech gadgets or apps you use every day

41. Review a local cafe or outdoor eatery

42. 72 hours in your city

43. What’s in your camera bag?

44. List of the bloggers that you admire

45. Create a massive list of blog post ideas!

46. A makeover or before-and-after post

47. Visit a museum or art gallery exhibit

48. Write a “How To” or “Tutorial” Blog post

49. An audio post (podcast)

50. A visual (pictorial) post

51. Your top favorite places to eat in your city

52. A post of your favorite quotes.

53. Apps every lifestyle blogger needs!

54. Do a vlog and share a day in your life

55. 10 pieces, 30 outfits (wardrobe challenge)

56. How to unwind after a long day

57. Make a list of your favorite TV shows

58. A lookbook/A week in my wardrobe

59. How you edit your photos

60. How To Learn A Foreign Language By Yourself

61. How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

62. Best tools for creating blog images?

63. Share a personal story to motivate readers

64. Interview another blogger or well-known person

65. How do you stay organized?

66. How to boost creativity?

67. Create a playlist for school, study, holiday or traveling and share it

68. What’s on my bookshelf/Kindle

69. Top 10 must watch films

70. Do some window shopping: what trends are you seeing?

Hope you feel inspired a little bit 🙂

You need to read lots of books and watch movies and shows as much as you can. the more your brain gathers data the better you write and express your thoughts. of course there are some times that you feel like you are stuck in a rut and can’t create.

Sit back! relax! pamper yourself, drink your favorite tea, take a short trip, hang out with friends or even date yourself… just give your brain some me time and do not panic! you should get away from time to time and give yourself a nice break. do some research and find some online courses or free videos from other creators and get inspired! In the meanwhile enjoy the list!





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